Coaching To Challenge Faulty Thinking - Whose Reality Is It Anyway?


Have you ever looked at your lounge through a mirror and thought how different it looks? No? Maybe that’s just us then. However, it highlights how we can view situations in very different ways.

What drives someone to say: ‘There’s nothing I can do – it’s always been like that’. Are they hiding behind generalisations? In coaching this can be challenged with questions such as: “When you say ‘nothing’ – what have you tried?” Or “You said ‘Always’ – how long has this been going on?” or “’Like that’ – like what exactly?”

Sometimes, all it takes is for a third party to help us to view a situation differently and objectively.
In our coaching development, we focus on how the coach can positively challenge to help the coachee view situations from a different perspective. It’s looking through the mirror with the coachee to challenge their perception of reality.

Is it time you got the benefits of looking in the mirror using coaching?