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Here is a sample of some of the sessions we run for our clients, which are tailored to their needs and include work based case studies and scenarios. If you take a look at the 'Lasting Impressions' section you will see examples of how we have done this for our clients.

CLEAR Behavioural Standards  


How do you measure how well your team are delivering customer service? We work closely with the behaviours and values that you and your organisation want to promote to ensure these are embedded in your customer service proposition. We can also develop bespoke sets of standards and competencies to enable you to measure how well your people are delivering customer service.  Our standard model for customer service is CLEAR which stands for….well, you'll just have to contact us for that one.

Interaction Vs Transaction  


What are the essential elements of great customer service? Does your team know the difference between ‘what’ they do and ‘how’ they do it? For example, you may be very efficient at doing your job but the way you talk to customers and colleague’s means you get lots of complaints. We pride ourselves on getting to know your values and competencies so that these can be woven into material, particularly with a topic like this so that we can help teams to understand exactly what is required of them. 

Understanding your Customer  


The best way to understand your customer’s needs is to ask great questions and listen to what they have to say. Ask a team member what they know about questioning and listening and they will probably sigh, roll their eyes and say ‘everything’. Ask a customer who they have spoken to 5 minutes earlier and they may have a very different story: ‘if only they’d asked me this!’ But the fun, interactive exercises we use to bring these topics to life challenge participants who may think they are doing this well, to think again. Sorry, what was that?

Transactional Analysis  


Do you have some people on your team who struggle to handle an aggressive customer? Or some that become patronising or get just as aggressive as the customer?  We all have Parent, Adult and Child related behaviours inside (we can show you all three if you hide the keys to the car) and we show how we can use this knowledge to handle customers we would normally find challenging.



That’s all well and good but what if the team do everything right and the customer still gets aggressive or awkward with them? As much as we would like all customers to be fantastic (we have to say, ours are!), having worked in front-line teams ourselves, we understand the difficulties being faced. We have interactive exercises to think about the concept of assertiveness and how to use this to say ‘no’ when needed – we need to practice this more when faced with the biscuit tin!




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Customer Service

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