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Here is a sample of some of the sessions we run for our clients, which are tailored to their needs and include work based case studies and scenarios. If you take a look at the 'Lasting Impressions' section you'll see some examples of how we've done this for our clients.

Delegation   1567573

Do you have problems letting go? Do you want to find more time in the day and develop your team at the same time? Do you find it difficult to ask other people to do jobs for you? Then this topic is for you. Using diagnostic tools and a simple structure to help you and your team to feel more confident when delegating.

Feedback  1552762

Do you give regular feedback or do you find something holds you back? Our unique 3R feedback model enables you to confidently give both positive and developmental feedback – and it’s essential that in any high performing team, there’s a balance of the two.

Managing Change  1567600

Are you managing a change project? Is your team going through a period of change? We can help you identify the key elements of successful change, as well as understanding how to support people through the transitions brought about by change. 

Motivation  1567609

Could you confidently say what motivates each of your team members? Do you know how to provide an environment that motivates the individuals in your team? Do you understand what motivates you? We’ve created a self-assessment questionnaire to establish an individual's motivational desires. This can then be used to creatively think of how we can provide opportunities to  motivate when the mojo simply isn't there anymore or keep the mojo going when it’s flying (if that’s what a mojo does?).

Transactional Analysis  1567618

Are people’s reactions a surprise? And not always a good one? Do you hear yourself saying, ‘I’ll have to brace myself to speak to Tom?’ (Or another challenging person of your choice). How do you explain the different reactions in people to the same request? Then this is the session for you. We all have Parent, Adult and Child related behaviours inside (we can show you all three if you hide the TV. remote control) and we show how we can use this knowledge to understand the root of others’ behaviour and how to deal effectively  with people we find challenging.

Challenging Performance  1567627

How many people in your team are underperforming? Do you have certain people who seem to achieve their figures, but their general behaviour leaves a lot to be desired? Are you wondering how to take a ‘good’ performing team member and make them  ‘great’? We’ve developed the 3-stage TAP Model to tackle underperformance (which also includes helping someone to reach their potential). It works. 

Time Management  1567638

Wondering where the day has gone again? Not enough minutes in the hour, never mind the day? We help you to get off that hamster wheel and to take a good look at what you do - to change habits, behaviours and to take action to enable you to proactively manage your workload.

Emotional Intelligence  1567644

Do you want to enhance your levels of self-awareness? Do you want to be able to successfully manage your emotions to maximise your performance at work? We are accredited to use the Emotions and Behaviours At Work (EBW) profiling tool to identify the key areas of Emotional Intelligence. This can be facilitated on a 1-to-1 basis for personal development or in a group environment to prompt greater understanding of how teams work together.




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