Mandy Holloway 

Mandy Holloway

What Mandy brings to Footprint?

Mandy is passionate about learning new things: can you believe she has five books on the go at once?  She invents exercises which are very practical and the rest of us know when an idea is on its’ way when we hear her saying ‘what if we did something like…’

She is a people person who wants to ensure she makes a difference to those around her, she loves life and this is infectious to those around her.

Balanced with her extensive studies, including an MA in Lifelong Learning, Mandy brings lots of experience of learning and development to Footprint’s specialist areas including, leadership (having developed leaders and led National remote teams for many years), customer service and wellbeing (being a trained masseur and NLP practitioner).

What does Mandy enjoy about working at Footprint?

Naturally, Mandy enjoys working with Tom, Vicky plus the rest of the team and being an extrovert personality type, she loves being around them, sparking new ideas.

Her mind works in a strategic way, which means when we come to deliver our solutions, they will always be linked to the values and competencies of the organisation we’re working with.

Mandy sees her purpose as making a positive difference and one way she does this is by keeping up to date with new innovations and ideas. 

What does Mandy get upto outside work?

Mandy is sporty, enjoying the gym, swimming and walking, as well as being a trained sports masseur – need we say more?  Ok then, she loves to travel with her husband Jim. Family and friends are very important to Mandy.  She has a brother and sister with numerous nephews/nieces whom she can spoil at Christmas (don’t get her started about Christmas - she loves it). in for a cuppaIf you would like any more information on any of these areas or in general please visit our the FAQ page or Contact us

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