Team Events That Leave A Lasting Impression

When the words team event are used they can often conjure up images of outward bound type activities, making rafts out of yogurt pots and pieces of string (or is that just us?).

But a team event can be fun, engaging and memorable without leaving the comfort of the office. Here are our suggestions to make your team event go with a bang:

  • Consider what you want to achieve on the day. How will you measure success? (See our tips on making resolutions and goal setting for more ideas)

  • A theme can add fun to the proceedings. What’s happening around the time of your event? Halloween? A Royal Wedding? A Football/Sporting event? Christmas!! Fun activities in amongst the ‘serious stuff’ can help concentration and add some competitive spirit. For example, making the scariest Halloween mask or a card to celebrate a certain day. Think your team are too serious to do this sort of thing? Think again – we’ve seen what a bit of glue and glitter can do to the most serious of CEO’s....

  • Create activities which can then be linked back to the challenges you are facing at work. Activities that take the audience ‘out of work’ and then relating what happens back to the workplace can help them to gain a fresh perspective. For example, we use an exercise involving a fictitious country called Nasanta, which is facing an emergency.  We adapt this to help our clients with the importance of working together; highlighting the key skills needed to carry out their demanding roles and effective communication.

  • Consider making your team event engaging for all by making it SAVISomatic (learning by doing),  Auditory (learning by hearing), Visual (learning by seeing) and Intellectual (learning by thinking). People learn differently, that’s why we ensure that there are a variety of activities in our workshops to meet these learning preferences, and a team event should be no different.  In order to reinforce your message, here’s some tips for each one:

    • Somatic – the opportunity to be able to do something and that may be simply a chance to get up and move around

    • Auditory – provide them with music to help their concentration and allow time for discussion.

    • Visual – provide a range of visual stimulants for example posters, handouts and video clips.

    • Intellectual – provide time for reflection and exercises which test their learning such as quizzes and wordsearches

  • Finally, our experience has taught us the importance of building some networking time into your team event. If one of the objectives of the event is for people to get to know each other, then having plenty of coffee breaks and a good lunch break will help no end. You can develop this by using exercises such as People Bingo to help attendees share specifics, but often that bit of glitter and glue you used in one of your creative activities helps with bonding in all senses of the word. in for a cuppaIf you would like any more information on any of these areas or in general please visit our the FAQ page or Contact us

We're happy to get together over a cuppa and a Garibaldi.