Stop press - Footprint launches new on-line learning modules

We’re very excited to be launching several on-line learning modules as part of our portfolio of Footprint products.  The first interactive sessions we have developed are questioning, listening and goal setting – in our view important foundations for excellent performance in a variety of situations whether that is in the customer service, leadership, negotiation/influencing or coaching fields.

Each engaging module (though we say so ourselves) takes approximately an hour to complete and includes some of the theory and knowledge related to each topic which individuals are assessed on during the module. The modules stand on their own or can form part of a blended learning approach. When completed in conjunction with a face to face development programme it means that participants can arrive with a level of knowledge and understanding which can then be built on to help create behavioural change. This can be done via business simulations, case studies and skills practice, during which participants can receive valuable feedback and have the opportunity to learn from others. Participants are happy because they can go at the pace suitable for their level of knowledge and understanding and can fit some of the learning around their own day to day activities. The business is happy because there is less time required by their workforce to be away from their desk. And if they are all happy – then we’re happy too! 

If you think that these modules (or others – we’re working on more modules, including assertiveness and trainer skills, as you read this!) could be helpful to your organisation, please get in touch!