How to celebrate at work

When we are so busy ‘doing’, it is often difficult to pause and celebrate our achievements. So what can we do to celebrate more, especially when budgets and time are tight?

Ask your team for contributions, for example, to an afternoon tea which you can have during a team meeting. You can have your own version of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ and vote best baker or link it to a charity (Macmillan often hold the coffee mornings) which we can all help to organise and contribute to
Be specific when giving positive feedback to people for a job well done – what exactly did they do/say? What impact did it have? What should they continue doing or do more of?
Celebrate non work achievements –and genuinely celebrating those things that are important to someone outside of work shows your interest in them as an individual
Little things can have a big impact. Know your team – what works for one, may not work for another; for example - a few bunches of daffodils cost very little but can have a brightening effect in the office for one person, whereas for another, it’s a cup of coffee,  a bar of chocolate or the latest copy of ‘Empire’ magazine waiting on their desk to say ‘thanks’.  It’s often these small things we miss but can make a huge impact
Non monetary rewards can have a bigger impact than cash itself. Rewarding an employee with an extra day/half day’s holiday, a longer lunch or a parking space for a week right outside the building can mean more than money (see Michael Silverman’s research at the Institute of Employment Studies )
And finally, get your team involved. What do they think should be celebrated more? And how? (That's how we ended up sponsoring our very cute guide dog Isaac)

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