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Here is a sample of some of the sessions we run for our clients, which are tailored to their needs and include work based case studies and scenarios. If you take a look at the 'Lasting Impressions' section you'll see some examples of how we've done this for our clients.

Personality Profiling  1567747

Want to know why you seem to work in a different way to others? Want to be able to build better relationships at work? Do you have a team which needs to work together more effectively? We are proud to be accredited to use Myers Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI) as our main personality profiling tool. We use this straight forward, powerful diagnostic tool in a unique way to help you to understand why you react how you do in different situations. It also helps your colleagues to adapt and connect to you too. Great for helping a team to understand their strengths and development areas. 

Analysing Performance  1567753

Is your team a high performing team? If you think it is, how do you know? If it isn’t, what can you do to get them there? We have developed a unique ‘High-Performing Team’ Health Check which we distribute to team members, analyse the results and provide recommendations of what needs to continue and what could be done differently. A bit like the Hotel Inspector, without the hotel.

Handling Conflict  1567769

Do you avoid tackling some of the conflict situations that arise? Do you want help in handling unhealthy conflict at work? Don’t know where to start? Using the Kilmann TKI model, we help you to analyse and examine the benefits and downsides of our natural approach and how you can adapt that style to different situations. This works well as a 1-to-1 session or in a group environment.

Team Challenge  1567779

Do you want your team to understand each other’s strengths and development areas? Do you want to replicate some of the pressures of work to analyse how a team reacts, but in a fun and safe environment? Do you want to save lives? We have developed a fun yet purposeful exercise whereby our fictitious country Nasanta is facing a disaster and a range of teams have to step in to avert this disaster. It works really well to test communication, interpersonal skills and demonstration of behaviours/values on larger groups  (we’ve run this with groups of 25 through to 60).  Just wait until you need to convince a celebrity to get their hands dirty – did we mention influencing skills as well?

Business Simulation   1567785

How well do you work as a team member? How well do people lead in your team? How well do you lead the team? Do team members need to release their creativity? Our unique simulation is based on a fictitious greeting card company called Hollburn Enterprises. This immediately encourages participants to test their creative skill as well as practice their motivation techniques, communication, leadership and working to timescales. It's like a condensed version of The Apprentice (without Alan Sugar telling you 'you're fired').




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