Tuning In Your Emotional Intelligence

In these days of digital radio, we sometimes forget the analogue predecessors that had to be tuned in, often with a big round dial. We forget there are hundreds of other stations waiting for us. A bit like ourselves – we get used to behaving in one way and forget we have the power to tune in our behaviours to help achieve the results we want.

Since becoming practitioners of the EBW (Emotions & Behaviours At Work) tool, we have worked alongside our customers to highlight their emotional intelligence (EQ) in a range of behavioural clusters known to predict success in the workplace. We encourage them to think about how they’re coming across to others at work (and how they interpret the behaviours of others), developing actions to tune in where needed.

A personalised report is produced, based on this range of 7 clusters: Decisiveness; Influencing; Motivation; Empathy; Conscientiousness; Adaptability and Stress Resilience. The EBW tool can also be used to define a set of aspirational behaviours for roles to support talent management. 

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Brain EQ