Vicky Holland 

Vicky Holland

What Vicky brings to Footprint?

Vicky has an eye for detail and research, which means that she is essential to the development of Footprint’s creative solutions. She's had experience of managing large people development projects in retail and call centre based organisations. She met Mandy & Tom when working together in one of these organisations and the working relationship blossomed to the place it is today.

Vicky is our evaluation queen, financial wizard and research officianado.

She has lots of experience in development and leadership, having led teams for many years. In fact a recent comment from one of her previous team members was ‘She is the Boss, the best one I ever had (Bruce Springsteen may have something to say about this).’ Customers recognise how detail conscious Vicky is - she doesn’t miss a trick, which we love about her and know you will too. Oh, and did we mention that she speaks German?

What does Vicky enjoy about working at Footprint?

Apart from the general bonhomie (see there she goes with those European words) of working with Mandy & Tom, her joie de vivre (right, stop it now) revolves around helping people, whether that is via a 1-to-1 coaching session or in a group environment.  She is accredited in the Kirkpatrick Evaluation New World principles and has Jim Kirkpatrick on speed dial (I wonder if he speaks German too?).

What does Vicky get upto outside work?

Vicky is a people person and animal lover.  She is married to John, has a beautiful daughter May and has a Maltese pooch called Harry.  She enjoys shopping for ‘nice things’ and is a social schmetterling (that’s butterfly to the uninformed), She loves to travel with her family, spends a lot of time in Germany and would say Canada was her favourite destination.  Although she is a music fan, we’ll keep the ukulele playing for another day. in for a cuppaIf you would like any more information on any of these areas or in general please visit our the FAQ page or Contact us

We're happy to get together over a cuppa and a Fruit Shortcake.